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In 2017, I created a sexy, provocative, ever-expanding line of high-quality, ingredient-rich men’s hair, beard and body care. In a mere four years, The Hairy Bastard products have become one of the best-selling product lines available. WIth an extensive social media footprint, availability in stores nationwide (including The Hairy Bastard Barbershop), on Amazon.com and, TheHairyBastard.com, My product is the product line setting a new standard in men’s hair, beard and body care.

This was achieved because I worked tirelessly, did extensive research, and tested each product thoroughly to create his handcrafted Beard Oil, Beard Wax, FÜR Cream, Body Soap, Hair Paste, Shampoo and Conditioner. These are products created with thought, heart and soul. The range of masculine scents – Black Pepper, Campfire, Grapefruit, Leather and Tobacco – and blended scents Lenny (Lemon and Rosemary) and Mooseknuckle (Leather and Tobacco) were developed with intention. The scents, like the products, are hot, manly, a little raw, a little rugged, with each evoking the core essence of today’s male.

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My newest endeavor? The Hairy Bastard Barbershop is the new standard in barbering. The flagship shop is hip, sexy and a much needed addition to Oakland Park, FL’s barbering offerings! It’s about the products yes, but its more about the customer, their experience and insuring getting the cuts they want, the quality they want and the nostalgic, ritualistic, reformative experience they want. It’s about taking The Hairy Bastard attitude live.

Hairy Bastard to hairy bastard, My sole goal is to help you look your best; to keep your look in-style, edgy and sexy. Each product in The Hairy Bastard hair, beard and body care line, like the array services in the barber shop, have been artfully crafted to ensure your complete satisfaction. The products and services that go beyond creating amazing style to manage, moisturize, soothe and uplift. They are the ultimate in high quality grooming services and essentials – and if I get my way (and he usually does), The Hairy Bastard Barber Shop and The Hairy Bastard product line will insure your finished hair, beard and body bring out your inner hairy bastard.

The Hairy Bastard and The Hairy Bastard Barber Shop – the services and product line you want when only the best is good enough.

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