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    Beard Brush

    THB Beard Brush is a one-size fits-all, 100% all-natural, medium boars hair bristled brush designed to smooth, style and shape your beard. Our beard brush is shaped to comfortably hug the curves of your face while it gets into the thick of your beard. Without being too hard or too...
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    Beard Oil

    THB Beard Oil releases moisturizing properties that penetrate the hair follicle, repair damage, minimize itch and control flaking. You’ll benefit from a beard that’s more manageable, smoother and highlighted with a healthy shine. Both 1 OZ and 2 OZ options are scented in Campfire, Grapefruit, Leather or Tobacco (buy one...
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    Beard Wax

    THB Beard Wax is a medium hold wax that offers amazing results while it nourishes, moisturizes and tames the most unruly beard. You’ll benefit from the control and the look. THB Beard Wax, available in 2 OZ or 4 OZ sizes, come scented in either Campfire, Grapefruit, Leather or fragrant...
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    FÜR Cream

    THB FÜR Cream is the perfect blend of all-natural ingredients to tame hair, moisturize and minimize breakage. THB FÜR Cream is available in 4 OZ size, scented in either Black Pepper, Campfire, Leather or Mooseknuckle (a blend of Leather and fragrant Tobacco). FÜR Cream will leave your beard so smooth...
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    HAIR PASTE ( Coming Soon )

    Provocative! THB Hair Paste, the newest THB product in our expanding line, is a  medium hair paste designed for most hair types.
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